Employee Healthcare Alert:

School Employees and spouses with school insurance need to get a Wellness Exam and complete the on-line Health Assessment by October 31, 2017, in order to keep the discount.  A link to the on-line assessment instructions is under the tab for Staff Resources    …… Insurance Information  …… 

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Warren Schools to have Flu Clinic for Students and Staff


Brunson New Vision Charter ……...October 4 (and October 5 if necessary)

Warren Middle School…………..October 4 (and October 5 if necessary)

Eastside Elementary……...October 10 (and October 11 if necessary)

ABC Preschool………...October 11

Warren High School and SEACBEC…………..October 23 (and 24 if necessary)


The Health Department Form and the school’s FERPA form must be completely filled out, signed, and returned to the school in order for students to receive the influenza vaccine during the school clinic.  Packets with the forms will be sent home with students but the forms can also be printed off from https://ADHSchoolFluPreReg.Arkansas.gov/  The forms will need to be returned to the school once signed and completed.  Employees should refer to the email previously sent from Peggy Barnes, R.N.  regarding procedures to receive the vaccine.

Click here to downloard the General Flu Form required for Warren Students.





This year’s open enrollment period for health insurance is October 1st -15th , 2017. Any changes made during this period will be effective January 1, 2018. Open enrollment is the time to pick up health insurance if you don’t already have it; drop your coverage if you no longer need it; add or drop dependants. The form to make any changes can be found on the website by clicking on the ‘Staff Resources’ page, then by clicking on ‘Insurance Information’.  If you have any questions, or need help filling out the form, you may contact Kathryn Reams at (870) 226-8500 ext 237, or kathryn.reams@warrensd.org.